Seeing God's Protection

8th May 2011

So far all my blogs have been in some way related to my little baby boy. Well this one is too! Yesterday we were having a lovely relaxed family afternoon when our one year old fell and hit his face on a table smashing the glass. What an awful shock it was and my husband and I tried to stay calm as we rushed him to hospital. In the end, he had to have 5 steri-strips on his cheek and it is likely that he will end up with a small scar.

When we came home and looked at the smashed glass on the table, it was clear that it could have been loads worse. God has indeed protected our little boy from what could have been horrendous injuries and I am so thankful to Him.

Life can change so quickly and so can our situations. Just like our quiet afternoon changed in seconds. It made me realise just how important it is to treasure every day and count our blessings. It is vital to keep our eyes on Jesus and pray to him each day. He will help us through every situation that life may throw at us. The good times and the bad, God uses them all for good.

A friend of mine sent this link to a youtube video the same day of my son's accident and it really encouraged me. Situations happen that we would not choose, but God uses them to teach us valuable lessons and to draw us closer to him. Even though I am worried about my little boy's face scaring, I know that I don't need to worry because whatever happens whether the cut heals completely or whether a scar remains to remind us of God's protection. I know that God will be with us and will look after my family. Thank you God that you know best and will use this situation for good and bring glory to you.


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