About Us

Hello my name is Lucy. I started this website with the main aim of encouraging women in their lives, whatever their circumstances may be. Life has it's ups and downs and sometimes it might seem like you are on your own sinking in your own problems. A very difficult time for me was when my Mam died in May 2009 of ovarian cancer and it was this experience that inspired me to start the website.

The Christian life is not an easy one to choose and God's word tells us we will suffer along the way, but God is always with us and He gives us everything we need. God blesses our faithfulness to Him during trials. I hope through producing this website that you will be encouraged to get to know Jesus and grow in your faith in God.

May God richly bless you,   Lucy.

I listened to this song everyday while my Mam was ill and it was a real encouragement to me. Through every situation this life throws at us, good and bad God is with us. I pray that this will be an encouragement to you too.


Jesus owns the copyright to all the information in this site, so feel free to use any information here for your own personal use. If you publish any of this information on a website, then all I ask is that you link back to this site. Thank you.