Helping Those in Need

10th August 2011

Over the past few weeks there have been vivid, moving pictures of the suffering of people in Africa due to famine. Many people are walking for days and weeks to refugee camps to receive food and water. Children are starving to death. People are suffering and helpless. A statistic I read the other day was that worldwide 22,000 children are dying each day from preventable diseases.

I can't imagine what it is like to be starving. To me, hunger is missing a meal, but to not know where your next meal will come from must be horrendous. Especially as a parent wondering if you are able to provide for your children.

What is our reaction? Do we read about their suffering and continue to get on with our comfortable lives? Happy to eat excessively and spend our money on ourselves? All our money we have as Christians is given by God and belongs to God. Sometimes I know I forget this. What would God have us do with the money he has given us?

I encourage you to take sometime out to pray to God for our suffering brothers and sisters in Africa and ask him to show you how you can help.


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